Sports agent business plan

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Scientists: World still isn’t ready for gene-edited babies

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Rich professional athletes squandering their millions has become a sad cliché. The 10 ways sports pros blow their cash >> A Sports Illustrated article this year showed how shockingly common.


Creative Artists Agency (CAA) made the jump into the sports agency business in The plan was to leverage the sports talent into higher commission commercial opportunities. They eventually grew to become the most valuable sports agency in the world, but did so at a cost.

Sports Agent Business Plan

Sports News and Sports Scores from Southern California, including Lakers, Angels Baseball, Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Rams and high school football from Orange County, CA.

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook – SMWW President & Founder. Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of SMWW, has over 40 years of experience in the sports industry as an educator, coach, athletic administrator and as a registered NFL agent.

Guide to Becoming a Sports Agent feels that it is important to know what you are buying. Below are complete business plans that exemplify the complete business plans sold on our website.

Sports agent business plan
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